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The Benefits of Yoga

Looking for an exercise for your mind, body, and soul? Here are a few reasons to give yoga a try:


Yoga is a practice of the mind and body. Our lives can be so hectic and stressful at times, we need to take a moment and relax. The combination of controlled poses, physical exercise, meditation and relaxation has been proven to greatly reduce both stress and anxiety. It can also give us a memory boost! By relaxing the muscles and taking some time to yourself, you can focus on the important things in your life.



By taking regular yoga classes you can significantly increase your flexibility. Most yoga poses involve stretching and strengthening your muscles. Repeating these poses and stretches over and over again will improve your flexibility. Increased flexibility can strengthen your muscles and prevent future injuries.



Health & Weight Loss

Yoga is a complete mind and body workout. It challenges certain muscles in your body and strengthens them. This follows with weight loss. The main areas that yoga targets are core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. The continuous targeting and strengthening of these areas on your body will tone them, and in turn will start to burn fat. Many people think of cardio as a fat burning exercise, however, toning and gaining muscle can greatly increase your weight loss.

Yoga Lawn

Strengthens Cartilage and Joints

If you experience pain in any of your joints, yoga is definitely for you. By putting your joints through a range of motions you are helping to strengthen them. This may help to reduce pain related to arthritis. Inside all of our bones there is something called “synovial fluid”. This fluid covers the ends of bones and cartilage, helping joints slide easier, which reduces pain. Yoga gets those synovial fluids moving in your body, and therefore decreases pain related to joint movement and arthritis.

yoga arthritis

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